Page numbers in book only

Abominations in Israel p132

Adventists’ beliefs have changed p6

Adventists not a cult, Martin p103

Adventists rose to be part of mainline churches p119

‘After their kind’ p39.40

Alexander, bishop p25.27

Alpha of deadly heresies p20.111.112

Andrews.J.N. says Trinity destroys personality of God and Christ p18

Angel from heaven not wake dead p48

Anomeans p29

Another Comforter p59

Apostasy in air we breathe p70

Apostasy in men we trusted p67

Apostasy will develop into the darkness of midnight p70

Apostasy is here  p71

Arian complication, Neil Wilson p124

Arian statements removed from our books  p100

Arian, whole world became p31

Arians – three Arian factions p29

Arians worse than crimes says Bishop of Rome p35

Arius p27.

Arius accused of Christ being created p42

Astral travel p57

Athanasius p29

Attention of the people must be gained p48

Autumn Council p22

Balfour Declaration p140

Banks asks question about the Trinity p123

Baptismal vow updated to Trinity belief p126

Barbarians p33.39

Barnhouse. Donald p105

Battle Creek sanitarium destroyed by fire p64

Begotten p44.45

Begotten by a painful process p46

Benjamin Wilkinson p42.94

Bert B Beach on Trinity p125

Bible our creed p6.126

Bible Conference 1919, not to release report p84.84

Bible Conference 1919, report released 60 years later p73

Bible Conference 1919, 2494 typed pages p73

Bible Conference subjects p76

Book of the Law found in the temple p135 

Books changed p100.101.125.126

Books of a new order p49.50

Burning Spirit of Prophecy p108.109

Cardinal John Newman p35

Catholic Catechism on Trinity p40

Catholicism - Trinity not Christian thought until the fourth century p38

Caviness presents his puzzlement over the Trinity p81

Centering and visualisation p114.115

Changes to Spirit of Prophecy p126

Charles Longacre p96

Child inherits father’s nature p42

Christ’s pre-existence p16

Christ cursed  p138

Christ in you p61

‘Christ and His Righteousness’ book in Australia p48

Christ became Son of God in a ‘new sense’ p46

Christ divested of human form p60

Christ inherited Father’s nature p42

Christ minister of church on earth p68

Christ son of God by birth p45.46

Christ was not created p42.43.44

Christ’s life prior to the incarnation p9.10

Christ’s pre-incarnation name, Michael p42

Christ’s righteousness as incense p68

Christ a begotten Son p45.46

Christ promises to not leave disciples alone p59

Christian Connection p8

Church a harlot p66

Church is going through p50

Claude Holmes objects to Bible Conf. p85

Claude Holmes job to tend incinerator p108.109

Clovis complains that Arians have all the good land p34

Clovis makes the Godhead a pretext to invade p33

‘Coming of the Comforter’ L Froom p90

Conceived by Holy Ghost p45

Constantine p28

Constantius p29.30

Consubstantial p28

Contemplative prayer p114

Cottrell R.F. quote p149

Council of heaven p45

Council of Milan p29

Council of Nicaea p5.28

Council of Chalcedony p6

Council of Constantinople p6

Council of peace p144.145.

Counterfeit latter rain p128

Covenant of Father and Son p45

Created being, charge p42

Creed of Athanasius p41

Creed, Bible p6.126

Creeds of Christendom p5

Created for the Spirit to indwell p61

Cults will be scorned and derided p26

Dallas Gen Conf. leaders warding off Trinity debate p124

Daniel and Revelation changed p100.101

Daniel’s prophecy – seventy weeks p135

Daniells and Prescott rebuked in 1910 on ‘daily’ p74.75

Daniells and Froom neighbours p87

Daniells asks Froom to write an important book p90.91

Daniells dares not take a vote p22

Daniells emphasises ‘all the fullness of the Godhead’ p87.88

Daniells realised Jones right on organisation p72

Daniells’ relief in receiving Ellen White’s letter p22

Daniells says Bible Conf. not fundaments truths p84

Daniells says to locks transcript in a vault p85

Daniells stops stenographer at 1919 Bible Conference p81

Daniells tells Froom he is the connecting link p90

Daniells to be careful about Living Temple p22

Daniells writes to Willie White regarding Living Temple p22

Dead branch, Jewish nation p139.141

Deity not means ‘fully divine’ p87

Demonstrations of the Spirit p11

Desert blossom as a rose p140

Desire of Ages p9.10

Destruction of Jerusalem p138.139

Destruction of Jerusalem predicted p135

Die in wilderness p130

Divested of humanity p59.60

Divine credentials, message Waggoner and Jones p47

Divine changes its meaning to ‘not fully divine’ p87

Doctrines changes p6.105

Dry as the hills of Gilboa p49

Early Bible studies p7.8.

Edstrom wrotes non-Trinity book p121

Eisegesis p14.55

Eliminating Arian statements p100.101

Ellen Harmon p2

Ellen White with Waggoner and Jones visited churches p48

Ellen’s mind locked p8

Ellen White accused of being a closet Trinitarian p9

Ellen White, Bible to be our creed p6

Ellen White denied Kellogg was in harmony with her writings p20.21

Ellen White refuses to study with Kellogg p21

Ellen White reads portions of Living Temple p22

Ellen White said Kellogg destroyed the Lord God  p112

Ellen White said 1888 was the saddest experience of her life p120

Ellen White sees Kellogg in vision speaking his theories p23.111

Ellen White’s ‘three’ statements p23

End of an old epoch and beginning of a new day, Froom p97

Ensamples for us p141

Eternal  p15.16

Eva. Duncan, sidesteps Arian discussion p124

Evangelism prepared p101.102

Everlasting p15

Exegesis p14

Extreme Arians p29

Faithful city become a harlot p66

False conception of God is idolatry p24.25.117

False charge, do not believe in the Holy Spirit p58

Fatherhood of God p46

Firstborn of every creature p51.52

For ever and ever p15

Foundation built by Master Worker p20

Foundation firmly laid p8

Founders could not join church p125

Four years of study for truth p10

Froom and R.A. Anderson reminisce about Evangelism p101

Froom begins to study the Holy Spirit p88

Froom believed eradicated Arianism p97

Froom charges Holy Spirit as a ‘shadowy effluence’ p89.90

Froom charmed with Daniells’ message p88

Froom family moves to Washington D.C. neighbours p87

Froom goes to non-SDA sources p88.89

Froom on Minneapolis p119.120

Froom pummeled by old timers about his understanding p89

Froom received invitations from non-SDAs p99

Froom says indebted to Spirit of Prophecy p107.108

Froom shocked to find little on Holy Spirit in SDA writings p88

Froom studies the Holy Spirit p88

Froom’s never-ending search p99

Future glory for Israel is obey p131

Garments of light p61

George Knight p6.105.125

Global rain p127

God and Christ have one Spirit p58

Godhead pretext for invasion p33

God in nature – Kellogg p20.21

God is not nature. He is outside nature p25.26

God of Adventists – not the God of the denominations p25.26

Golden calves p133

‘Good Health’ magazine p19

Greek homoousion p28.29

Greek mind on eternal p15

Greek monogenes  p44.45

Greek pneuma p56

Hard labour of study, no more p11

Heavenly trio statements p23

Hebrew l’olam va’ed p16

Hebrew mind on eternal p15

Hebrew olam p16

Hebrew qedem p16

Hebrew ruach p56

Heruli p34

Hilderic, king Vandals p37

Hills of Gilboa p49

Holmes. Claude p85.108.109

Holy Spirit don’t believe, charge p58

Holy Spirit explained Scripture to Ellen White p8.9

Holy Spirit is Himself p60

Holy Spirit only influence or power, charge p56.57

Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary p45

Holy Spirit ‘shadowy effluence’, charge p89.90

Humble receive truth p2

Iceberg vision  p19

Interpretations will arise, not truth p11.12

Israel a dead branch p139.140

Israel lost the land p140.141

‘It’ changed to ‘he’ in devotional p126

James White quote p62

Jerome p31

Jerusalem destroyed – AD70 p138.139

Jerusalem a representation of SDA Church p142

Jesus cursed on a tree p138

Jesus said – I will come to you p59

Jesus still omnipresent p60

Jesus takes humanity by painful process p46

Jesus – Son of the living God p137.138

Jesus under oath – I am Son of God p137/138

Jewish nation failed role p141

Jews saw Jerusalem as their heaven p136

Jim a Baptist believes in eternal burning p13

Jones and Waggoner accompany Ellen White p48

Jones and Waggoner fall into a trap p69.70.

Jones objects to the new Constitution p66

Jones says men not evil in leadership, principles p71

Jones speaks on Laodicea p67.68.69

Joseph Bates p8

Judah’s idolatry p134.135

Justinian p37.38

Kellogg destroyed the Lord God p23.112

Kellogg explains that Godhead means Trinity p21

Kellogg not clear on personality of God p22.23

Kellogg on a false track, be careful p22

Kellogg says it was the Holy Ghost in the tree p22

Kellogg trying to bring in theories to remove pillars p20

Kellogg writes Living Temple to get funds rebuild sanitarium p64

Laodicean church p67.68

Latter rain missed in 1888 p52.53

Latter rain may be falling, not discern p54

Latter rain, counterfeit p128

Legal religion p49

‘Living Temple’ contains the alpha p20

‘Living Temple’ contains truth and error p70

‘Living Temple’ not in harmony with the Spirit of Prophecy p21

Longacre writes on deity of Christ. Submits to B.R.F. p96

Louis Tice at Loma Linda p112

Magan. Percy said principles are papal p66

Man’s glory to be laid in dust p69

Mantra p114

Martin. Walter p102.103.104.105

Men go into apostasy we trusted p69

Mind locked, Ellen Harmon p8

Minneapolis p47.48.119.120

Minneapolis, saddest experience of her life p120

Most precious message, by Waggoner p47.48.50

Movement of Destiny finished p119

Nature of Holy Spirit a mystery p61

Neuro Linguistic Programming p114

New organisation and new books p49.50

New truth not contradict old p10

Nicol. F.D. reads Statement of Faith p93

No contrary belief once Spirit testifies truth p11

No Trinity, not Christian p5

Non-immortality of the soul p13.14

Northern kingdom’s idolatry and destruction p134

Not measured by figures, Christ’s pre-existence p16

Nothing to fear for the future p72

Nothing to be ignored in testimonies p24

Nothing stand in the way of new movement p50

Omega will follow in a little while  p20.112 

Omnipresence of God by Spirit p57

One God in three persons quote p32

One Spirit p58

Opposition to truth in court p2.4

Original, unborrowed, underived p9.

Original statement p9

Origin of Trinity, 4th century p32

Ostrogoths  p35.36.38.39

Our religion will be changed p50

Painful process, birth of Christ into humanity p46

Pantheism p20.

Peculiar people, we are to be p25.26

Percy Magan says decisions of 1903 Gen Conf were papal p64

Pioneers begin Bible studies p7.8

Pioneers charged as not scholars p10

Platform braced by solid timbers p20

Pope Leo X’s Bull p13

Position of truth clear p11

Precious message, by Waggoner p47

Predominant debate – Trinity p3

Pride of Jewish nation p136

Prophetess, Huldah p135

Questions on Doctrine p105.106.107

Religion changed p49.50

Representative p59.60

Review and Herald problems p63.64

Review and Herald destroyed by fire p64

Review and Herald agreed to print Living Temple p64

Revival and Reformation p127

Road to Nicaea not straight p7

Rome not want liberty for others p35

Roman dunghill of decretals p14

Sabbath Conferences united brethren p10.11

Same Spirit, Father and Son p58

Samuel S. Snow p2

Samuel Spear article ‘The Subordinate Son’ p92

SDAs do not believe Christ created p43

Seeds of bitterness not uprooted from Minneapolis p49

Semi-Arians p29.30

Silencing the mind p115

Son has all the divine attributes p39.40

Son of God in a ‘new sense’ p46

Soul sleep p13.14

Spirit, God’s omnipresent power p57

Spirit of God-Christ present in our midst p57.58

Spirit of Prophecy changes p126

Spirit sees, hears, guides, convicts p57

Spiritual formation p113-116

State of the dead believers p13.14

Statement of Faith 1931, no vote of approval p93

Statement of Belief 1980. No.2 on Trinity p124

Stenographer says to print nothing of 1919 Bible Conf. p84

Synagogue of Satan p50

Testimonies, time and place must be considered p24

Testimony of Spirit p8.11

Theodoric, king Goths p34.35.36

Third person grammatically p60

Three horns plucked up p38.39

Three statements of Ellen White p23

Time and Place must be considered p24

Trinitarianism not 1st century, but late 4thcentury p38

Trinity assumed p6

Trinity confuses rather than clarifies p24

Trinity, Creed Athanaseus p124.125

Trinity, Catholic Encyclopaedia p125

Truth needs no investigation or error p2

Trinity assumed p7

Trinity destroys personality of God and Christ p 18.112

Trinity, difficult to offer clear, objective revelation p38
Trinity implied p12

Trinity not developed NT p7

Trinity not detected in Bible p7

Trinity not explicit p7.40

Trinity triumphed, Russel Holt p92

Trinity voted in at 1980 General Conference p124

Truth given point by point p71

Truth, not a pin or pillar to be moved p71

Truth so plain p11

Turning point in the denomination, Froom p120

Twenty five men Executive Committee p65

Two companies praying for Holy Spirit, vision p127.128

Uriah Smith p100.101

Unfaithful punished p1268Unique p42

Unique p44.45

Vandals p37.38

Visigoths convert to Catholicism p24

Vision of two companies praying for Spirit p127.128

Visualisation p114

Waggoner and Jones lost to denomination p69.70

 Waggoner continues to preach non-Trinity after 1888 p119

Waggoner left behind Arianism by 1888 says Froom p119.120

Waggoner objects to new Constitution in 1903 p66

Waggoner’s book a transcript of his message of 1888 p48

Waggoner’s book ‘The Righteousness of Christ’ p48

Waggoner’s message to combat Arianism, says Froom p119.120

Waggoner. J.H. on atonement p110

Walter Martin opens his suitcase p104.105

Walter Martin said SDAs not a cult p103

Walter Martin said EGW denied deity of Christ p104

Warning against sentiments of Living Temple p22

Washburn condemns 1919 Bible Council as ‘secret’ p85

Washburn says Trinity a cruel heathen monstrosity p95

Washburn says Trinity is clearly apostasy p95

Weymouth statement on destruction p14

Where are the watchmen?  p19

William Miller p2.8

Wilson. Neil, president concerned about Arian complications p124

Wilson. Ted, president inspiring sermon Gen Conf. 2010 p127

Worship false gods, Israel p1312.132.133

Wrong principles, God cannot bless p65.66

‘Ye shall Receive Power’ p126

AD34  --   Close probation Jewish nation p141

AD325 --  Council of Nicaea p28

AD355 --   Council of Milan p29

AD359 --   Council of Rimini p30

AD377 --   Goths cross the Danube p33

AD400 --  Goths enter borders of Italy p33

AD407 --  Burgundians, Vandals, Suevi overrun Italy p33

AD476 --  Heruli establish themselves in Italy p34

AD493 --  Heruli destroyed p35

AD500 --   Visigoths sack Rome p33

AD530 --  Vandals sack Rome p33

AD508 --  Clovis grieved to see Arians with best land p34

AD526 --   Theodoric dies p36

AD527 -- Justinian becomes emperor of the East p36

AD532 --   Justinian issues edict to unite world p36

AD533 --  Trinitarian debate p36

AD534 --  Vandals destroyed p37

AD538 --  Ostrogoths destroyed p38

1513 -- Dec 19. Papal Bull condemning non-immortal soul p13

1520 -- Luther’s 41 propositions p13

1611 -- King James Bible published  p44

1844  –  Pioneers began studies together p7.8

1844 -- October 22, 2nd disappointment p7

1844-1848 -- Sabbath Conferences p11

1846   -- Ellen White’s vision of two companies praying p127.128

1848  --  Precious message p48

1848   -- Hardly two agreed at Sabbath conferences p11

1849   --  We know we have the truth p11

1855   --  Truth so plain, no more hard labour p11

1883  --  Question and Answer on Christ being created p43

1888   -- Minneapolis p47.48.49

1888  -- Loud cry and latter rain resisted p52.53

1888   --  Latter rain rejected p52.53

1890  -- Waggoner’s book ‘The Righteousness of Christ’ printed USA p48

1892   -- Loud cry begun p48

1893  --  Waggoner’s  ‘Christ and His Righteousness’ printed Australia p48

1893 -- A.T. Jones queries delegates on 1888 and what was rejected p52.53

1897 -- Recommendations for  essential change at Gen Conf. session p64.65

1901 -- Recommendations for change repeated and voted, one chairman p65

1901 -- Gen Conf. Committee increased from 13 to 25 p65

1901 -- Battle Creek sanitarium burns to the ground. Feb 18. p64

1903 -- Crisis begins with ‘Living Temple’ and ‘alpha’ p20

1903 -- Autumn Council p22

1903 -- Kellogg has supporters for Living Temple p22

1903 -- Uriah Smith dies p100

1903 -- Kellogg asks Jones to teach Battle Creek p69

1903 -- Gen. Conf. session rejects 1897 and 1901 recommendations p65

1903 -- Waggoner moves to Battle Creek p70

1904 -- Ellen has another vision of Kellogg p23

1905 -- Every pillar of truth is to be strengthened p71

1906 -- Not a pin or pillar can be moved p71

1906 -- Jones deluded and deceived  p69.70

1907 -- Kellogg disfellowshipped p112

1907 -- Apostasy is here p71

1915 -- Ellen White dies p75

1916 -- Waggoner died p70

1919 -- Bible Conference p70 +

1921 -- Washburn calls 1919 Bible Conf. a ‘secret Bible Council’ p85

1922 -- Washburn says 1919 B.C. ‘most terrible in our history’ p85

1922 -- Claude Holmes letter also circulated at G.C. p85

1923, 1924, 1925 -- Daniells takes workers’ meetings p87.88

1926 -- Leroy Froom invited to present at Milwaukee G.Conf p88

1928 -- The Coming of the Comforter published p89

1930 -- Daniells asked Froom to do a special book p90.91

1931 -- Statement of Faith put in 1931 Yearbook p94

1933 -- Statement of Faith appears in Church Manual p94

1936 -- Sabbath School lessons a mixture of truth and error p94.95

1939 -- Washburn responds in protest, 39 printed to circulate p94

1941 -- Gen Conference approved change to Baptismal Vow p95

1944 -- Corrections to Daniel and Revelation began p100

1946 -- Compilation of Evangelism p101

1947 -- Longacre writes on deity of Christ, non-Trinitarian position p96

1950 -- Gen. Conf. votes no change to Statement only is session p96

1952 -- Book ‘Principles of Life’ doctrines p102

1954 -- Edstrom challenged in Africa about the Trinity p121

1955, 1956 -- SDA leaders anxious not to be a cult p103

1956 -- Walter Martin meets to committee p102.103

1971 -- Movement of Destiny published (700 pages) p119

1974 -- Froom dies p120

1974 -- 1919 Bible Conference transcript discovered p73

1975 -- Edward Edstrom writes non-Trinitarian book p121

1980 -- Trinity becomes official at Dallas Gen Conf. p124

1989 -- Walter Martin tells of case of books at Loma Linda p104.105

1996 -- Devotional ‘Ye Shall Receive Power’ p126

2005 -- Baptismal revised to Trinity belief p126

Genesis 1:1.2. p56

Genesis 1:21.24.25 p41

Genesis 3:10 p61

Genesis 3:22 p15

Genesis 49:26 p15

Exodus 17:6 p146

Exodus 20:3 p25 

Numbers 13:27-29 p129

Numbers 13:30 p129

Numbers 14:1  p130

Numbers 14:2-4 p129

Numbers 14:7-10 p129

Numbers 14:11.12 p130

Numbers 14:13-19 p130

Numbers 14:21-23. p130

Numbers 14:40 p130

Numbers 14:42 p131

Exodus 2O:3 p25

Deuteronomy 15:17 p15

Deuteronomy 21:22.23 p138

Deuteronomy 28: p132

Deuteronomy 28:53-57 p139

Deuteronomy 28:15.63.64 p141

Deuteronomy 31:16 p131

Judges 2:10 p132

Judges 10:6 p132

Judges 21:25 p132

1 Kings 12:28 p133

2 Kings 17:8-12 p133

2 Kings 17:19 p132

2 Chronicles 34:19.2 p135

2 Chronicles 34:25 p135

2 Chronicles 34:28 p135

Job 38:7 p51

Psalm 2:7 p136

Psalm 2:8.9 p134

Psalm 2:12 p136

Psalm 10:16 p15

Psalm 11:4 p57

Psalm 40:6 p46

Psalm 45:6 p87

Psalm 106:34-38 p132

Psalm 106:37.38 p134

Psalm 110:1 p137.139

Psalm 122: 6.7 p144

Psalm 139:1-4 p114

Psalm 139:7-10 p55

Proverbs 8 p145

Isaiah 2:3 p131

Isaiah 8:20 p86

Isaiah 11:11.12 p140

Isaiah 14:13.140 p117

Isaiah 35:1 p140

Isaiah 60:15 p15

Isaiah 61:2 p136

Jeremiah 7:31 p132

Jeremiah 31:35.36 p139

Ezekiel 8:5.14.16 p134

Daniel 12:2. p15

Daniel 7:8 p38

Daniel 7:13 p135

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Daniel 7:24  p39

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Hebrews 1:8 p87

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1 John 5:10 p146

Revelation 3:9 p50

Revelation 3:2021 p114

Revelation 3:22 p128

Revelation 3:14 p67

Revelation 12:12 p117

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